Well it would seem that the ‘Hot Season’ has well and truly arrived, the dry weather and the clear blue skies will be with us for at least another two months, and it’s now that you really appreciate air-conditioning having been invented.

As the temperatures here in Phuket rise to maximum keeping your body cool will also help to keep your mood calm too. There are lots of simple and effective ways to stay cool in warm weather here are some of the simplest ones:

• When you’re out use an umbrella when directly in the sun. It’s a portable shadow.
• Avoid caffeine and alcohol, two substances that will dehydrate you. Drink plenty of water.
• Wear light coloured, loose-fitting clothing as it will deflect the sun and keep you cooler.
• If you can (and you’re in the right place to) eat spicy food. This will enhance circulation and cause sweating,
which cools the body down.
• Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially if you're going to be outside.
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