One of the most well-known beach properties on Phuket's southwest coast, the boutique hotel quickly became the preferred destination for beach-loving guests from Europe, America, and Asia including Thailand.

It has an exceptionally high rate of returning guests and hasn't really changed much in the last 22 years, winning accolades from discerning travellers throughout the world. What is the secret to the Boathouse's continuing success over the years?

The beach location is an obvious first and the gourmet food and superb wine celler a close second and third. But maybe more importantly one of the golden rules which made the Boathouse a favourite of many guests is quite simple: "Treat your guests as you would like to be treated."

This has led to guests supporting the hotel and bringing their friends to come and stay as well. The Boathouse's greatest tool is word of mouth, which is what brings the most business.

A strong staff retention is key in a high return-guest ratio and critical to the atmosphere of a hotel like this. The staff is familiar with the guest's needs and they know what guests like, not from reading their history but because they know them personally. They call them by name because they are a household name in the hotel. That's real recognition, and the only way you can achieve that is to have the same employees in the hotel year after year.