Imagine a fascinating weekend holiday, walking along the magnificent Maikhao Beach under the beautiful sunshine and clear blue sky on the northwest coast of Phuket and awakening your senses in the sand overlooking the clean line of the Andaman Sea. At first glance it looks a bit like people are preparing to bury themselves in the sand up to their neck with only a parasol for protection. What’s actually happening is that these people are preparing themselves for the Maikhao Dream Sand Therapy. A section of Maikhao Beach is one of the few unique locations in the whole of Thailand where the sand has a special mixture of minerals which can be used as a therapy to relieve aching bones and joints and invigorate the body, mind and soul.
Body Heat Up (30 minutes)
Sand Therapy on the beach, the spa consultant will provide instructions and care during the treatment - Hot Green Tea will be served during this session to help with blood circulation

Body Cool Down (10 minutes)
Relax by the pool and enjoy a cool summer refreshing health drink

Body Treatment (90 minutes)

A choice of Spa Treatment at Maikhao Dream Spa
(Thai Traditional Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Balinese or Swedish Massage)

Enjoy a complimentary healthy drink and Maikhao Dream Spa fresh fruit platter

Body Balance
Complete the treatment with a choice 4 special health masterpieces from our Executive Chef

Sea bass with warm calamari, tofu and coriander brot

The water element represents the relaxing & psychological qualities associated with water,
including inner conscience and tranquility. The Water sign is pampering and nurturing.
The element of earth represents permanence, stability and security.

“Water” Relaxing Basil Drink

Nori crushed chicken breast with shitake mushrooms and wasabi
It also represents nourishment on all levels and thus earthy dishes are anabolic
“Earth” Nourishing Green Drink: Mixture of orange, mango and spinach

Yakitori chicken skewer with green mango salad and hot ginger tea
The Fire element represents detoxification and purification. It does so by increasing circulation and helps overcome the stagnation of apathy and the heaviness of depression It is the spiritual quality of strength of purpose and gives courage

“Fire” Detoxifying Tomato: Tomato, green apple, carrot, celery and Tabasco

Tiger prawns with buckwheat blinis, low fat yoghurt, vegetables and tomato tea

The element of Air is energizing. It is associated with the mind and mental activity Dishes belonging to the element of air are light and aids the intellect

“Air” Energizing Power Fruit: Banana, mango, papaya. orange, lemon and yoghurt