On this coming up April 1, 2010 it will be the 2nd year anniversary of La Flora Resort, Patong since it opened. La Flora Resort is committed to extending a warm welcome and delivering excellent world class service to our guests during their stay with us.

We have been operating successfully and the result makes La Flora Resort, Patong regularly ranked as #1 in popularity among those staying in the Patong area on TripAdvisor.com.

Our 2nd anniversary celebration starts in the morning; we are determined to keep it simple with food offerings to 9 Buddhist monks in the hotel area and a Patong beach clean up activity after the religious ceremony.

For years to come, La Flora Resort, Patong team promises to keep up our standard of service as we always aim to provide our guests with the best, to ensure that they will leave our place with a lasting memorable impression, like nowhere else.

One indicator of our success is that this year, our beloved guests - Mr. Vauloup Dominique and Mr. Alain Maillard have again returned to us. This is the third time since their first visit in 2008. We are truly delighted to welcome back all our guests and hopefully to have them with us again and again.
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