Phuket is known for its sea, sun and sand, as it should be, the coastline and surrounding seascape are beautiful to behold. However, despite having hills covered in verdant woodland, the island's forests are one of Phuket's faces that are not often explored.

That will all change with the opening of Flying Hanuman, Phuket's Ultimate Jungle Experience.
When the site opens to the public this month, visitors will be able to enjoy a thrilling treetop activity that has minimal impact on the environment. They will be flying from tree to tree in a rare piece of Phuket wilderness. Speeds on the zip-lines reach 60 kilometers per hour and heights exceed 40 meters. Despite this, Flying Hanuman is more than just an adrenaline rush. It is also relaxing and peaceful, with amazing views and sights to see both above and below the canopy.

The experience is designed so guests are guided from the moment they arrive until they leave again. There is a designated reception area, briefing and equipment rooms, lockers, a souvenir shop and a restaurant to enjoy after the adventure.